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Komyo ReikiDo founded in Kyoto Japan.

(pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Doh)

Komyo Reiki Do is a keep-it-simple Japanese Reiki system developed by renowned International Teacher & buddhist monk, Hyakuten Inamoto.  It is a complete practice for mind & body. Komyo ReikiDo grows awareness & mindfulness, valuable inner practices for personal growth & development. Reiki is not just about hands-on-healing, it is an opportunity to find a little calm in your life through spiritual (not religious) practices.

Japanese Reiki has always been a two-fold practice, a spiritual & a healing practice. Reiki is about the whole person, total well-being for mind, body & inner being. It is about finding harmony in life.

Komyo ReikiDo Melbourne provides Reiki based on traditional Japanese practices. Just Reiki. Because that is all you need for a Reiki treatment or to learn Komyo ReikiDo. The courses are easy with plenty of practice time. Whether you are a beginner or existing Reiki Level 1 practitioner or more & would like to retrain, the options are there with endless support in your Reiki journey. 

. Stress Relief . Relaxation . Calmness . Stillness . Connection .

. Clarity . Wellness . Meditation . Personal growth .

. Simple self help techniques .


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Komyo ReikiDo Courses

(pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Doh)


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Reiki Rest & Restore (Mini Retreat)

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Finding Deeper Meaning Through Reiki

Reiki has enhanced my life in many ways so I want to share this wonderful practice with as many people as I can whether it's through Reiki treatments and/or Reiki courses in Melbourne. 


I practice simply & teach simply. Reiki is about personal development, a process that grows your comfort zone so you can flow better through life. Reiki is a two-fold practice, not just hands-on healing but a spiritual practice.


Find some balance.

Find a different way of being.

I attended Reiki Level 1 training with Sally on Sunday to deepen my knowledge of this wonderful modality. Sally is a great teacher who held beautiful space for us all. The venue was also lovely & I came away with so much. Thank you Sally. Looking forward to more. 

Anita H

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