About Komyo ReikiDo

Go placidly amidst praise or blame

Komyo ReikiDo (pron. Koh-m-yoh Ray-key Doh) is about development of our inner being to find strength & peace within, not just about hands-on healing. Komyo Reiki Do's purpose is to improve both mind & body as well as maintain the best of health through Reiki. It is a simple & effective hands-on healing modality with the emphasis on spiritual development to achieve happiness & peace. Komyo Reiki was founded by Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei in 1998 after much research and practice with his teacher. Komyo ReikiDo is based on traditional Japanese practices and not to be confused with Gendai Reiki Ho or any other Reiki system. This is a system founded and developed in Kyoto Japan.

Komyo  =  Illumination, enlightenment
Reiki     =  Sacred, transcendental
                energy of the Universe
Do        =  Way or Path
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Hyakuten Inamoto, Founder of Komyo ReikiDo

Hyakuten Inamoto is a Pure Land Buddhist Monk & a native of Kyoto Japan. In 1997, Hyakuten sensei started learning Reiki from Chiyoko Yamaguchi, attending weekly meetings with 4 others as well as visiting Mrs Yamaguchi privately. Hyakuten sensei wanted to teach & share Reiki with others so in 1998, Komyo Reiki Kai was born. His training with Mrs. Yamaguchi ended in 1999.

Hyakuten sensei has researched the history of Reiki over many years and has debunked many stories that have arisen since Reiki came to the west. Being Japanese, he is in a unique position to verify facts from fiction where others have been unsuccessful through language and cultural blocks.

In 2016, Hyakuten sensei changed the name of his Reiki system to Komyo ReikiDo, reflecting the spiritual emphasis of Reiki. Reiki is not just a hands-on healing modality but a spiritual path.  Reiki is a mind body practice, treating the whole as originally intended by the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui. He has included some Buddhist teachings into Komyo ReikiDo to enhance spiritual growth.

Hyakuten sensei travels the world teaching Reiki to as many people as he can. He also conducts tours up Mt. Kurama as well as hosts regular Reiki share groups in Kyoto. He is an inspiration to many, an advocate for truth and unity amongst all Reiki practitioners and teachers of all Reiki systems.


What is Reiki, Reiki Ryoho, Distant Healing July 2018

A short explanantion by Hyakuten Inamoto


Thank you to Viktoria Romanova, Komyo ReikiDo Ukraine for providing this video.

Duration :  3+ mins

Hyakuten Inamoto at ARC Conference Oct 12015

Hyakuten Inamoto, founder of Komyo ReikiDo, speaking at the International Reiki Conference in Sydney, hosted by Australian Reiki Connection (ARC). ARC is one of the biggest Reiki Associations in Australia, a leading professional body for Reiki Practitioners & Reiki Teachers in Australia.

Duration : Approx 55 mins.

Hyakuten Inamoto with Phyllis Furumoto Nov17

Hyakuten Inamoto with the late grand-daughter of Hawayo Takata*, Phyllis Furumoto on the 'Essential Nature of Reiki' by Global Reiki Webinars.  This is one of the many videos as free offerings to the Reiki Community, a wonderful initiative of Phyllis Furumoto & Rachel Goldberg.

*Hawayo Takata brought Reiki to the West from Japan.

Duration : Approx 2 hours.