Reiki Rest & Restore

An afternoon of deep, deep rest


Self-care for Reiki practitioners of all levels

$75 per person     1pm to 5pm

An afternoon of restorative practices, of deep rest, mostly in silence. Restore vitality & strengthen connection with self.

Practice may include:

  • Reiki techniques.

  • Reiju (attunement). This will be a full Komyo ReikiDo Level 1 attunement.

  • A condensed yoga practice that everyone can do. Gentle easing of the body, no standing postures.

  • Guided relaxation (sometimes known as Yoga Nidra) for a full 20 minutes.

  • Easy breathing techniques (pranayama and/or Ki breathing).

  • May include some chanting and meditation.

  • Giving & receiving hands-on Reiki. 

Schedule may be subject to change, some techniques may be substituted​ with Japanese chants, Japanese energy practices or other yogic practices or some dropped depending on time.​

Eligibility :         All Reiki levels are eligible to attend. Copy of certificates will be requested.

What to wear :  Something that will not restrict movement. T-shirt & light weight track pants are ideal. 

​                       Shoes will need to be removed on arrival.

Includes :          Yoga mats.

                       Tea, coffee & tap water.

                       Some individually packed snacks will be on offer.

What to bring : A water bottle.

                       Extra layers, a shawl/light blanket & socks, in case your body temperature drops.

                       A pillow or bolster for comfort & support during guided relaxation.                     

Limited to 9 places. Bookings are essential. Payment in full to secure place.


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